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Auto Accessories

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New Products For March - Auto Accessories

Universal Car Phone Holder
Size: 3.25" x 1.1" x 4"
Packing: 12/BX 96/CTN
Suction Cup adheres to most smooth surfaces. With near 360-degree swivel!

Car Vent Phone Holder
Size: 3.25" x 1.1" x 4"
Packing: 12/BX 192/CTN
Clips onto most car air vents! Fits phones up to 3.25" W

22PC Car Fuse Set
Puller included!
Packing: 24/BX 96/CTN
Includes a wide variety of amps for various uses!

Amp Booster Cable, 2m long
Packing: 24/CTN
Jump start your car! Features large alligator clips!

Featured Products - Auto Accessories

Car & Auto Sunshade, 24"x51"
Suction cups adhere to most windshields to help regulate interior temperature!

Mesh Chair Support, Grey, Black
Size: 15" x 14.5"
Packing: 12/BX 96/CTN
Helps relieve muscle tension & improves posture

Auto Funnel
Size: 7" Dia x 11.25" x 13"
Packing: 24/CTN
Great for use with oil, gas, and more

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