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Shipping & Returns

Excluding Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico
For order $999 or less add 20%.
For order $1,000 - $4,999 add 15%.
For order $5,000 and more add 10%.
Minimum order $500.

All items are sold FOB from our warehouse in Los Angeles, California, therefore the buyer is responsible for all the shipping costs including fuel surcharges and/or additional services. Additional charges may apply if your order requires delivery access services such as a lift gate, call before delivery, or inside delivery. To avoid any "unexpected additional charges" it is important you check off or write down any special instructions or shipping requirements you have during submission of your order in the shipping section.
Note: If you choose the "inside delivery" option you must also choose the "lift gate" option so the driver can unload your merchandise from the truck.
If for some reason we are billed for any "unexpected additional charges" we reserve the right to charge the credit card provided for that particular order any amount we receive from the shipping company plus an extra 10% service charge.

Shipping transit time depends on proximity to California as shown in the following chart:

East Coast An estimated 8-10 business days
MidwestAn estimated 6 to 8 business days
West CoastAn estimated 3 to 4 business days

Upon receipt of merchandise, customer must inspect delivery. Any damages or shortages must be noted on the trucker’s delivery receipt.
Claim form for shortages & damages must be submitted to your sales representative within 72 hours of receiving order.
Prior approval is required before any returns can be accepted.
All returns are subject to 15% handling charge.
All claims take approximately 2 to 3 weeks to process.
Claims should include a detailed description, a photocopy of the invoice with the item number(s) encircled and delivery receipt (DR) (all discrepancies must be noted on that receipt). If your claim is for a damaged or defective item, it is important for you to submit a picture and/or sample of the item itself. This serves not only as evidence of damage but also speeds up the claim's resolution. All claims are determined on a case-by-case basis. Please download and complete our claim form here to submit your claim.

All customer information is exchanged and stored in a secure location. DOLLAR EMPIRE LLC does not sell or disclose shared online information to third parties. is owned and operated by DOLLAR EMPIRE LLC. We wholeheartedly respect and understand privacy concerns that may arise, so we have created a comprehensive statement summary for you, our loyal customer. Our privacy policy is intended to offer an explanation on how we collect, handle, share and how you yourself may access the data you have provided us.
If you have any questions, or want further details about this policy, please contact us
• By phone at: 323-268-8999 By fax at: 323-268-0188
• our business hours are 8am-6pm M-F (PST)
• By mail at: DOLLAR EMPIRE LLC 4423 E BANDINI BLVD VERNON CA 90058. Please make sure to include your contact information.

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